Second set of Crystal and the nominated Doctors! ended up picking at random so apologies if I didn’t get to you!

This one features askwanderingwhooves, askthemaredoc, askmrclever, happy-whooves, ask8thdoctorwhooves and ask-timelord-rarity!

Would anyone mind/enjoy a sideblog literally dedicated to spoilers, concepts and random OOC interactions with Crystal and Donna? I don’t wanna flood this blog when it’s meant to be story-centric but I don’t think everyone wants it on my mod/personal either xD

‘The ones I’ve met or heard of have been lovely enough, I just don’t see a point in tracking down one poor mare when I’ve got enough to be getting on with.’

[Featured Derpies: askdepressedderpy , ask-princessderpy and ask-ultrahardcorederpy!]

The ones I’ve met or heard of have been lovely enough, I just don’t see a point in tracking down one poor mare when I’ve got enough to be getting on with.

[Featured Derpies: askdepressedderpy , ask-princessderpy and ask-ultrahardcorederpy!]

Milestone Voting

For a milestone (I can’t say which yet because no idea how long this will take) I plan to make a Crystal Doctor animatic featuring a bunch of you followers. It should end up looking a bit like someone’s made a music video based on an animated series if it all goes well! 

Of course there needs to be a song before I can offer ‘parts’ to people - pick one below and then the top 4 will go into a proper poll.

- When Can I See You Again - Owl City

- Shooting Stars - Owl City

- Safe & Sound - Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars

-Strangers Like Me - Disney/Phil Collins

That Man - Caro Emerald

I See Fire - Ed Sheeran

- Demons - Imagine Dragons 

So, which would you like to see?


Okay, this blog’s been cleaned, updated and refreshed so it’s all spiffy-wicked-cool! Here’s a rundown of changes:

-ASK BOX NUKED. It’s been very buggy with over 200 messages so a handful of ones relevant to the plot/intermissions have been saved. Otherwise it’s cleaned so please do send some more asks in!

-Everything’s been tagged to death. Go check out the navigation page for a breakdown of arcs and such.

-Proper reference sheets finally up!

-The background/header are changed and shiny new buttons are on the front page. Go give it a look!

- Pages, broken links and such are all fixed. Things like the FAQ are fixed.

I also have my mod/personal blog properly linked up and encourage you to keep an eye on it! There may well be sketches, doodles, requests and such. Any questions regarding Sparkles, Donna, the plot or myself can be directed there =) Thanks!


Next one to mention her or anything close is thrown into a singularity. We’re. Moving. On.

[For more context please see the Doctor Who novels or the Wiki! I’m not wildly great with classic Who but this seemed to fit =P]

First 4 from the suggestions/requests of Doctors for Crystal to pester! Will finish the other 8 soon =P only silly doodles because lots of these and trying to work fast.

askalicornwhooves, askcrackedwhooves, askdiscordwhooves and askdoctortimepony

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Thank you so much for 2000+ followers!

Phew, 20 ponies for 2000 followersIf featured ponies want their own image separated, just ask and I can send it over =)

I can’t thank you all enough for your continued support, patience and friendliness! I’d never expected this little project to get very much attention and I’m staggered by the numbers. I love each and every one of you, thank you so much! 

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